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101 Mobility Morgantown is your ultimate source for mobility solutions. From stairlifts to auto lifts, wheelchair ramps to automatic door openers, our goal at 101 Mobility Morgantown is to help homeowners and business owners make their surroundings more accessible and enjoyable.

All over our community, there are families who are unable to enjoy our unique attractions due to mobility issues. At 101 Mobility Morgantown, Bob Murdock and his team of experts offer client-focused mobility solutions for those who encounter trouble with stairs, require the use of a wheelchair, or rely on other assistive devices.

All across Morgantown, we provide homeowners and business owners with trusted advice, a full line of quality products, and professional installations to help make our community accessible to everyone. At 101 Mobility Morgantown, we know that no two mobility issues are alike, which is why our staff listens, evaluates, and then recommends solutions to achieve optimal improvement in your and your family’s lives. Whether your goal is to safely get up and down the steps with a stairlift, take your wheelchair or scooter on the road with an auto lift, or facilitate easy transfers with a patient lift, our skilled Mobility Specialists are factory-certified and trained to custom configure products based on your home, building, vehicle, and personal needs.


Additionally, we strive to cater to the duration of your mobility need. Our comprehensive rental program allows you to borrow from a variety of our accessibility products short-term or long-term. If you fall in love with the product or foresee a more permanent use, we offer rental buy-out options that allow you to purchase a product instead.

101 Mobility Morgantown believes that everyone should be able to choose when and where they want to go. Our family is dedicated to helping your family find the right mobility solution and continue leading active and independent lives. Mobility is about choice, and we hope to maintain that choice for all Morgantown residents. We look forward to meeting you!

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